Top Ten Reasons for Choosing the Global Courseware

Last July, Global Student Network significantly enhanced it’s menu of online courses by investing in the best learning management and courseware system available to any users: the Global Courseware.  There are many reasons why any home, private, or public school should consider using this excellent curriculum, but I’ll list the top ten here.  If you’d like more reasons, please check out our website at

1.  Research-based:  The Global Courseware is the most well-researched online curriculum available.  With over a decade of findings, this curriculum has shown effectiveness in all of the following areas:

2.  Response to Intervention:  The Global Courseware provides a process to assure that students are successful and receive needed instruction. The Global Courseware  gives educators the ability to place students at the appropriate level of intervention, predict how well students will perform on state tests, prescribe appropriate instruction material, and track progress to determine if the interventions are working.

3.  At-Risk-Students:  The Global Courseware solutions are ideal for schools that serve at-risk students. The Global Courseware integrates into alternative learning environments, including credit recovery, dropout prevention, and response to intervention programs.Our complete assessment and curriculum solutions are designed to help you raise success levels for your Title I students.

4.  Credit Recovery:  Assisting middle and high school students who have failed or are at risk of failing a course can be quite a challenge. Join the growing number of schools and institutions using the Global Courseware to get your students back on track and on the road to successful grade completion and on-time graduation.  The Global Courseware gets top marks by the National Dropout Prevent Center for its series of comprehensive assessments that test students in five core curricular subject areas – Mathematics, Literature and the Arts, Writing, Science, and Social Sciences. Pretests pinpoint individual student skill deficiencies and automatically assign lessons that teach those skills. After students progress through the self-paced lesson material, post-tests measure and record academic gains, indicating whether students have displayed mastery of the lesson material.

5.  College Readiness:   The Global Courseware Closes the college readiness gap with assessment and instruction that is aligned to the most popular course placement tests* used by colleges and universities today.  The College Readiness courses will help prepare your students to begin their postsecondary learning experience. Teachers, as well as guidance counselors, can take advantage of the user-friendly assessment capabilities and skill-refreshing coursework that the system offers.

6.  Differentiated Instruction:  We know that not all students are alike. That’s why the Global Courseware allows teachers to customize teaching and learning approaches so that students have multiple options for taking in information and making sense of ideas. Teachers have the flexibility to adjust the curriculum and presentation of information to learners rather than expecting students to modify themselves for the curriculum. Classroom teaching can be a blend of whole-class, group and individual instruction.

7.  Forecast Student Performance:  The Global Courseware assessment tests and results are calibrated to The Lexile Framework for Reading and The Quantile Framework for Mathematics and are aligned to state standards and objectives. As a result, teachers can place their students in the appropriate reading and math instructional materials and forecast how a student will perform on Lexile®- or Quantile®-aligned tests.  Teachers will not only be able to predict a student’s performance on state tests, but will also be able to prescribe the right material to improve learning.

8.  School Improvement:  The Global Courseware solutions are ideal for schools who are in need of improvement or are not demonstrating AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress).  The Global Courseware helps narrow the achievement gap between your highest and lowest performing students and groups – empowering you to serve all students. We offer one of the broadest and deepest research-based systems on the market today that allows you to deliver standards-based assessment, personalized instruction, accountability, extensive individualized or group reporting, and customized professional development.

9.  Effectiveness:  The Global Courseware uses the proven instructional format of study, practice test, mastery test, and essay (or constructed response) to prepare students for the recovery of course credit or the prevention of course failure.

10.  Flexible and Affordable: Global STudent Network has been committed to provide high quality, flexible, and affordable curriculum to home, private, and public schools for nearly a decade.  The GSN upgrade the Global Courseware resulted in more licensing flexibility, no start-up-costs, and better pricing for all customers.

Yes, Global Student Network also offers a variety of other online courses, and there are excellent reasons why you might choose them instead.  I’ll be talking about the top ten reasons to use the Odysseyware, Alpha-Omega, Honors, and AP courses in the next several blogs, but in terms of value, effectiveness, and flexibility, the Global Courseware is by far-and-away, the best online curriculum available today.  We hope that you will choose Global Student Network as your online curriculum provider, whether you have 1 student, or hundreds.  Global Student Network is committed to providing equity in access to the best online courses available.