Virtual School

Creating Options by Expanding Course Access

The use of distance learning provided by an online school is becoming more popular based on the necessity for many schools to address a wide range of critical needs, including:

  • Expanding course catalogues;
  • resolving a shortage of qualified teachers; or
  • providing an alternative for students who are not well suited to the traditional classroom model.

Meeting Student Needs through Flexible Scheduling

School districts that include the use of virtual schools are able to remove time and place barriers and offer a quality alternative to the traditional classroom. Districts engage more students by enabling them to enroll in a wider variety of classes and complete coursework on a schedule that works for them.

Whether enrolled full-time or part-time, a growing number of students prefer learning in a virtual environment for one or more of the following reasons:

  • A desire to graduate ahead of schedule;
  • Limited or conflicting class schedules;
  • The need for an alternative to a traditional school setting;
  • Living with illness or other challenges; and
  • Professional careers in athletics or the arts that require the student to travel extensively.

 Teaching Options- School District Teachers or GSN Certified Teachers 

School districts using GSN’s digital curriculum have the option of either assigning existing teaching staff to facilitate the online experience or contracting to use GSN’s experienced and certified teaching staff.  For more information, contact us.