Credit Recovery

Character With BooksWhat is Credit Recovery?

The term “credit recovery” refers to any educational approach or program that provides students who have failed a class the opportunity to redo coursework and earn the credits necessary to avoid a failing grade.  Credit recovery is often used as a dropout-prevention strategy.  High school level credit recovery generally includes classes that meet during normal school hours, after school, on holiday or vacation breaks, or through a summer school program.


Getting Students Back on Track

The need to recover just one or two course credits is all that stands between many students and high school graduation. Some of these students are seeking an opportunity to accelerate through the required course material to earn those final credits. Other students are not prepared for high school coursework and have failed several classes. If the only option is to repeat the same course, in the same traditional format as the first time around, the chance of success is low, but if alternative approaches are made available, students can graduate and receive a high school diploma.


Courses Individualized for Student Success

GSN credit recovery students use the same rigorous, standards-based content as students enrolled in GSN’s online curriculum for original credit.  Our online credit recovery program provides individualized approaches that allow each student to progress at his or her pace, taking as much – or as little – time necessary to master course materials.


Enhanced Features for Key Courses*

GSN’s credit recovery program offers a “Feature Set” designed to assist students in recovering credits for courses that are most often needed to meet graduation requirements.  Each “Feature Set” includes:

  • Prescriptive pretests to determine what a student has already learned;
  • Content unit pretests to determine areas of deficiency; and
  • Automatically generated individualized learning plans based on pretest results that direct the student to specific material(s) that must still be mastered.


*The enhanced credit recovery feature set should not be used by students interested in NCAA certification. NCAA requires students to complete all activities within a course, regardless of their ability to demonstrate mastery.