Credit Recovery

Helping Students Recover Credits Towards Graduation

“These are students who didn’t succeed in a traditional classroom environment. The digital curriculum provided by Global Student Network allowed them to work at their own pace to complete challenging coursework and earn the credits they needed.”

Getting Students Back on Track

The need to recover just one or two course credits is all that stands between many students and high school graduation. Some of these students are seeking an opportunity to accelerate through the required course material to earn those final credits. Other students are ill prepared for high school coursework and have failed several classes. If the only option is to repeat the same course, in the same traditional format as the first time, the chance of success is low, but with alternative options and the right support, these students can be successful.

GSN’s digital curriculum makes it possible to offer a credit recovery program that can address the diverse needs of all credit recovery students.

Character With BooksCourses Individualized for Student Success

Global Student Network, students are supported at the same time they are challenged to succeed. Credit recovery students use the same rigorous, standards-based content as students engaged in GSN’s digital curriculum for original credit, ensuring that all students are mastering the skills and concepts necessary for future success.

GSN’s online courseware provides individualized approaches so students can progress at their own pace, taking as much — or as little — time as necessary to master the material. Courses incorporate multimedia and instructional text to provide multiple representations of concepts and address their individual learning needs and styles.

Enhanced Features for Key Courses

GSN offers an enhanced credit recovery feature set* designed to help students more efficiently recover credits for the courses most often needed to meet graduation requirements. Each feature set includes:

  • prescriptive pretests to identify what a student has learned previously;
  • pretests to identify deficiency areas for each content unit; and
  • an automatically generated, individualized learning plan that is based on pretest results and directs each student to the specific material he or she has yet to master.

*The enhanced credit recovery feature set should not be used by students interested in NCAA certification. NCAA requires students to complete all activities within a course, regardless of their ability to demonstrate mastery.