Adult Education


Most employers are more likely to hire people who have earned a high school diploma over someone who has not. Thanks to online education opportunities for adults, going back to school to get a high school diploma is not only a real possibility, but can be easy and enjoyable!  GSN’s International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA), has the perfect solution for the adult learner wanting to receive a high school diploma.

If you are 18 years of age or older and have not yet earned your high school diploma, IVLA’s Online Adult High School Diploma Program can help you become a high school graduate. We are committed to your success and will work with you every step of the way. Our teachers and staff understand the needs and time constraints of working adults.

IVLA Offers Encouragement & Support

When you enroll with IVLA, an advisor will be assigned to you who will encourage and support you every step of the way. Your advisor will track your progress, provide personalized attention and work with you to remove any obstacles which may have hindered you from completing high school in the past.

The Value of a DIPLOMA vs. GED

Although a high school diploma and a GED both have the same long-term advantages, the job marketplace generally views a diploma as a better “credential” than a GED.  Unfortunately, some businesses will view the GED student as having “failed” in earning a diploma in the traditional manner and the GED as proof of that failure.  Military recruiters classify GED graduates as “Tier 2” recruits.  A diploma from an accepted and accredited high school shows that a student has completed 12 years of schooling, which many job recruiters interpret as evidence that the applicant has the ability to persevere and set and meet goals.  Colleges, universities and military personnel often consider the high school diploma to be a “Tier 1” document and may make a decision to accept or hire based on this status.  GSN’s

International Virtual Learning Academy is fully accredited by AdvancEd™ and is an approved Diploma Granting Academy which means that, when you earn a high school diploma at our private school, it will be accepted in the same way as a diploma from any other high school in the country.