Plato Courseware

Plato Courseware is a standards-based online learning program for grades 6-12

Whether students are falling behind, at grade level, or advanced levels, Plato Courseware provides an environment in which each student’s unique needs are met.

Plato LearningThe Plato homeschool course provides a wide range of core subjects, electives, global languages, and honors classes. It provides an individual education experience for children in middle school through high school with courses that cater to individual learning styles. Plato’s twenty-seven individual courses include integrated assessments and pretests designed to give students the opportunity to test out of coursework they have already mastered and focus on classes where they may need additional work.  Concept mastery is assured via frequent course-level assessment within each module.  Plato offers award-winning, effective, rigorous online courses designed to:

  • Improve student achievement;
  • Engage students through interactive, media-rich content;
  • Allow learning flexibility using unique, customizable courseware;
  • Meet and exceed state and Common Core State Standards (CACSS);  and
  • Facilitate completion of original credit work, supplemental learning, credit recovery, unit recovery and extended learning opportunities.

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