GED Preparation Program

Global Student Network’s (GSN) GED program uses sophisticated and comprehensive pre-testing in each of the five GED subject areas to pinpoint student deficits and design an individualized learning plan.

How Our GED Program Works:

Our GED preparation program pinpoints individual student skill deficiencies and automatically assigns lessons that teach those skills using test questions aligned to GED test objectives. When a student completes a lesson, our post-tests measure and record academic gains, indicating whether or not he or she is prepared to take the GED exam

Global Student Network’s GED Preparation program includes 43 titles containing over 2,000 hours of study and sample testing programs. Our GED Preparation program uses the proven instructional format that includes study, practice tests, mastery tests and essays to prepare students for the GED test. Features include:

  • 100% GED Alignment
  • 43 Course Titles
  • Automated Lesson Generation
  • Streamlined Assessment
  • Comprehensive Content
  • Powerful Learning Management System
  • Computer-Assisted Learning
  • Spanish Titles Available

Why Prepare for the GED Test?

You cannot take the official GED test online, but you can prepare for it using our GED prep program. Preparing for the GED test with our GED practice course and test could mean the difference between a passing score and a failing one.