Online Curriculum Supplements Public School Education

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With Promethean™ boards in the classrooms and iPad™ provided for student use, technology is becoming a prominent part of the public education landscape.  In fact, online curriculum is becoming one of the most useful educational technology tools available to teachers and administrator who appreciate the immediate feedback and mastery-based learning aspects of the medium.

How To Supplement Education With Online Courses

Six Ways Public Schools are Using Online Curriculum –

  • Blended Learning – Blended learning uses the best of online educational programs to complement traditional instruction models.  Students benefit from both teacher-directed activities and individually tailored one-on-one instruction.
  • School Credit Recovery – Online classes and programs offer high school students who must repeat a class feasible options without the hassle of course scheduling logistics.
  • Gifted Students – Self-paced online curriculum provides an ideal platform for gifted students who need a challenge, wish to excel, or would like to pursue a personal interest.
  • Remediation – Mastery-based online curriculum affords students extra practice and instruciton time specific to their needs while allowing the teacher to inform his/her instructional method based on a clear picture of each student’s mastery level.
  • Staffing Solutions – Implementing online curriculum means schools have the option of offering a wide selection of courses and electives without increasing current specialized teaching staff.
  • Summer School – Online curriculum can be the solution for meeting summer school’s specific student learning, staffing, and budgetary requirements.

Five Benefits of Using Online Curriculum for Schools

Five reasons why schools choose Global Student Network for their online curriculum needs:

  • Meets Standards – Many GSN curriculum options meet national, state, and/or Common Core Standards.
  • No Student Minimums – GSN accommodates schools of any size.
  • Multiple Programs Available – Most online curriculum providers limit their course offerings to one or two major programs.  GSN offers six online curriculum packages and more than 400 courses.
  • Student Learning Success – Self-paced, mastery-based learning promotes motivation and effective learning.
  • Cost-effective – Contact a representative for needs-specific pricing details.

View our demos and view a side-by-side comparison ­of our programs to learn how Global Student Network’s online curriculum choices can benefit YOUR school!