Education Mission


Global Student Network’s mission is to provide alternative education options designed to improve the academic preparation, achievement and general well-being of non-traditionally focused elementary, middle and high school age students and to offer online education solutions for adult learners.


Through active leadership in the fast-growing home, charter, private and international school industries GSN provides a suite of online tools to assist students in achieving a successful college or vocational career. Global Student Network is also a leading service provider to the expanding global community of non-traditional students.

Character With LaptopGSN’s VISION

Global Student Network is dedicated to providing the highest quality K-12 online educational programming available, based on the values of self-worth and quality performance among students and staff and a beneficial transition for students to productive and responsible participation in society. As a leader in providing online curriculum to K-12 students, GSN will continue to serve:

  • Gifted and talented students who want to graduate early;
  • Homeschool students;
  • Group home teens & out of home teens;
  • Charter school students;
  • Students needing credit recovery;
  • Non-traditional students & working teens;
  • Students who have dropped out of traditional high school;
  • Students in public schools needing additional educational resources;
  • Students with specialized education needs related to lack of education resources or severe emotional disturbances; and
  • Homeless youth who are unable to return home for a variety of reasons.