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Global Student Network Enrolls Students Year-Round

Each student’s license begins on the day they first start, and for 1 year licenses is valid for 365 days. As a homeschool parent, you have much more flexibility than the standards public school year allows for the education of your children.

The Price Includes:

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    Enrollment in up to 12 courses at any one time (courses can be added and dropped at any time during your purchased term for no additional fee)

  • Enroll Student In Multiple Grades
  • Record Keeping
  • Electronic Gradebook
  • HomeschoolTranscript Generator
  • Media Rich Lessons
  • Real Time Updates
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Flexibility
  • Reporting

At Global Student Network there are no hidden charges or complicated fees. You can choose a 6-month or 12-month term in any one of our curricula. GSN understands you know your student best and gives you complete control over the courses chosen for your homeschooled student. (Please be sure to check your State’s law and requirements before homeschooling or choosing courses) You can choose courses from multiple grade levels for each student. To honor our men and women serving our country GSN offers a Military Discount to all past and present military personal (proof of military service required). For the convenience of our customers, GSN offers payment plans – see below.

Payment Plan

Yes, we do offer a 2 payment plan for full year licenses. There is a $12.50 additional charge for each payment