We have been homeschooling our daughter since she was in 7th grade. We started with Abeka, but that takes alot of books and money. We moved to China when she was going into 8th,and soon saw we needed another option for homeschool. I started searching online and found Global Student Network. I am very impressed by how many subjects there are, how easy it is for me to grade her work. Now I see that they even have Rosetta Stone. This is a awesome curriculum. It is worth the money for the course. (Debora K.)


I just want to say that I have nothing but good things to says about Global Student Network and have recommended it to several people. The education he received was wonderful and I wish I had used this curriculum sooner! Good job and thank you ever so much! (Cynthia H.)


I wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed and appreciated working with Global Student Network after the terrible experience we had previously. I was hesitant to use another on-line curriculum, but Haley really enjoyed working on the computer, as opposed to textbooks. It has been the exact opposite of our previous experience. It was everything you promised when we first started. I wish your company all of the success you deserve for your the excellent on-line education and service you are providing. It has simplified my world. Thanks very much. (Freda H.)


I want to thank Global Student Network and the staff for the best programs and curriculum. It helped my children get back on track in school which put them at graduation this June. For that, I’m very grateful. My proudest moment will be watching my two children walk across that stage this June – something I didn’t think would happen until 2 years from now. Your program put them back on track and there are no words that express my gratitude for what you and your staff do for parents like me, working so hard, just to get our children to understand how hard it is with out a diploma. With your program they’ll walk.

They’re both now going into the service. The Navy for MarkAllen and the Air Force for MarkQuice. They’ll both be leaving this August to start their new life. What a joy to know that the 2 years that MarkAllen, and the few classes that MarkQuice messed up on, they got back through Global Student Network. I have told many parents about your program and I am proud to say that Global Student Network had a great part in my children’s success.

So thank you again for your excellent program, and the great customer service. I have told many parents about your program and will always tell parents how great Global Student Network is. (Stacey G.)


I would like to thank you and your assistants for all of your work on behalf of my sons. I have recommended GSN’s program to many others because it is flexible, time efficient (students can spend as much time as needed with concepts that may be more difficult while moving quickly where they may not require help.)

Attached is GSN’s success story, Robert. He was accepted at both Alabama State and Nicholls State. They are pictures of us dropping him off at school. GSN was paid through IDEA and DoDDS. We were so impressed with GSN that we personally paid to enroll our second child, Reginald. (Lanette B.)


I appreciate the video clips, it helps the kids see the subject in action. (Ronald, MI)

You are doing and outstanding job! My daughter is well above her grade level because of the one on one attention that is spent in classroom and the extra time that she gets to focus on reading and learning subjects of her choice! (Tracy, OH)


This was a great way to get through a year of school. A self-disciplined and motivated student can get a lot from it, and the price was great. (Rachel, Germany)

It is self paced which is very helpful to my son. (Laura, TX)


Your service is currently excellent. All it takes is 1 phone call and your office is immediately returning calls to resolve or answer any questions. Excellent business service. My daughter started Global Student Network on line during her mid sophomore year. In one year, she completed her sophomore, Junior and Senior years thanks to the professional assistance of the Global Student Network staff. (Stella, CA)


My son has been so tuned off in school. He was complaining daily about all the review in school and waiting for the rest off the kids to catch up. He now has the freedom to move at his own pace. He really enjoys the science program. Thank you so much! (Valorie, TX)


This program helped me out during my difficulties with my other school. (Alorah, OR)


The work was challenging enough for my daughter and her busy skating and travel schedule. She did work long distance and it went well. If we needed technical or academic assistance, I received feedback in a timely manner.(Julie, MI)


We live in a country where books are not as readily available or affordable, and mail delivery is not dependable or efficient. Your service is very helpful because it is all-inclusive, online, of high quality, and very reasonable. Thank you! (Beth, United Kingdom)


I think you are doing a fantastic job, we feel our son learned a lot and it was great being his teacher so to speak. Global Student Network has a lot to offer as far as flexible classes, ability to do the work at your own pace as well as at your own desired time. They also are there for you whenever you need help! For the price, you can’t compare to any other! (Valerie, FL)


My daughter is doing extremely well in 7th grade math. While in public school, she was lacking confidence and struggling, but no more. (Anon, GA)


The program is very comprehensive and my son really enjoys using it. It has improved his self-esteem and changed his attitude toward school and learning! (Caroline, AL)


Our son completed the 8th grade course work and is now doing well in public school. If we again need homeschooling, we will use Global. (Bonnie, GA)


This program is working very well for us. It is very simple to use and my 10th grader loves it. (Barbara, CA)