Homeschooling in Washington

WashingtonThe State of Washington requires that home schooled students must be instructed by their parent who has either earned forty-five college level quarter credit hours or the equivalent in semester hours or has completed a course in home-based instruction, or has been “deemed sufficiently qualified to provide home based instruction by the superintendent of the local school district.” Alternatively, according to Washington code 28A.410 RCW, if the parent is not qualified as a home school instructor, a “certificated person” must supervise the student’s instruction.   Washington parents supervising home-based instruction must (1) annually file a Declaration of Intent to Homeschool by September 15th; (2) guarantee that test scores or progress reports and immunization records will be sent to any school the student attends in the future; and (3) assure that a “certificated person” will conduct a “standardized achievement test approved by the state board of education” or “submit an annual assessment of the child’s progress written by a ‘certificated person.’ ”

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