Homeschooling in Kansas

kansas-300x180Kansas homeschools are recognized as non-accredited private schools and must choose a school name and register the school with the State Board of Education.  Parents wishing to homeschool in Kansas can either establish a homeschool as a non-accredited private school or as a satellite of an accredited private school.  Kansas non-accredited private schools are not required to teach a specific set of subjects but must offer courses “substantially equivalent”  to those offered by public schools, including  reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, spelling, English grammar and composition, civil government, United States and Kansas history, American patriotism and duties of a U.S. citizen, health and hygiene.  Home schools must have a “competent” instructor and offer instruction at least 1,116 hours per year for grades 1-11 and at least 1,086 hours per year for students in grade 12.

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