Homeschool Records Made Simple

Homeschool Records? We Can Help!

Report CardAs every parent knows, keeping homeschooling records is essential. Not only does consistent record keeping give you a clear picture of the progress your child has made but the same records may be necessary for reporting required by your local school district.

Homeschool students planning on attending college will need a transcript showing the courses they completed in high school.

Homeschooling records are important but not everyone is comfortable with the record keeping process. Some parents find it confusing or overwhelming. Many others are just looking for a way to make the task easier.

Global Student Network can help!

GSN now has a free online service to assist families with maintaining homeschooling records – enabling homeschool families to track classes and generate report cards and transcripts. This service allows parent to create a private account into which they can enter classes their students have taken along with the corresponding grades. The record-keeping service –

  • Calculates GPA
  • Determines cumulative credits
  • Prints report cards*
  • Prints transcripts*

The final outcome is all your data in one location – homeschool records made simple!

Not sure what homeschool records you need to keep?

There are several places to find out. The first is your local school district. A call to your district office will inform you as to what needs to be documented and what must be reported. Also, if you have a local homeschool co-op, you have a knowledge pool at your disposal! Other homeschool parents can tell you the best way to meet necessary requirements. Another helpful resource is . At the State Laws page you can view a helpful graphic as well as click by state to access your state’s specific requirements.

Most states require you to keep –  

  • Attendance Records – Once you know your own state’s requirements, you can set up a process for tracking the time your student spends learning. An easy-to-use table showing days “in school” would be adequate.  Many online education programs automatically track time-on-task.
  • Completed Assignments – Portfolios and lesson plan books are popular means for documenting completed assignment. If you are using online curriculum programs, there may be an option for accessing a report showing all lessons and assignments covered.
  • Test Scores – Our online programs automatically track test scores.  Be sure that you always keep a standardized testing results file.
  • Grades – Keeping a list of courses taken and grades earned is essential. Our video shows you how simple record keeping can be!
  • High School Transcripts* – After you have entered the courses and grades, you will be able to generate and print a transcript in just a few clicks. Transcripts will include GPA and cumulative credits information.

*Report cards and transcripts – Because YOU are operating the homeschool, all documents generated and printed from our service will bear the name of your homeschool.  Global Student Network is a curriculum provider, not an educational institution. Therefore we cannot issue official documents. We simply offer the tools that allow you to generate the documents on your own using your own school’s name. 

Check out the video below and see just how simple homeschool records can be!

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