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Is GSN accredited?

Yes.  GSN is an AdvancED accredited corporation.   AdvancED Corporation Accreditation ensures we meet the highest standards in educational management.  Being accredited with AdvancED, means we carry the appropriate accreditation for SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), NCA(North Central Association) and NWA(North Western Association).

ACT/SAT for Homeschoolers

Can a homeschool student take the ACT or SAT and how do I register to take the tests?

As a homeschooling student, you can take the ACT and SAT in the same way other high school students take the tests.  You can register to take the ACT or SAT online.  For the ACT: http://www.act.org/  For the SAT: https://www.collegeboard.org/

Curriculum Selection

Which courses do I need to take?

The courses you take will depend on your state’s requirements.  You can find the requirements for your state at http://www.homeschoolfacts.com/state-laws.html .

Can I take courses from more than one grade level at a time?

Yes.  At GSN you can take courses from any grade level.  We list the most common courses for each grade level on our website, but you have the complete freedom to choose any courses you would like. (It is important that you follow your state’s regulations when choosing courses.)

How do I know which curriculum to choose?

We recommend you start by viewing each of our demos and also asking your student(s) to view the demos.  Which product you use is personal preference.  The same standards will be met in each product.  It is the “look and feel” of the curriculum that will appeal to you or your student.  For more information, check out our comparison chart (bottom right of page) to see if the key features you are interested in are available in that product. https://www.globalstudentnetwork.com/homeschool-students-online-homeschool/courses.html


Does GSN offer a diploma?

All 50 states permit you, as the homeschooling parent, to issue a diploma to your student once they have demonstrated successful completion of the High School Graduation requirements for your state.  You can find the requirements for your state at http://www.homeschoolfacts.com .

Does GSN issue a transcript?

As a homeschool curriculum provider, GSN has no authority to issue a transcript.  The homeschool parent has the sole authority and responsibility for documenting their student’s homeschool academic progress and accomplishments.  GSN has a free online service that enables homeschool families to track classes and generate report cards and transcripts.  Documentation is an important part of the homeschool experience.  Both transcripts necessary to college admission and report cards can be helpful in required reporting.  GSN’s Academic Information Management system allows parents to create an account where they can enter classes their students have taken, along with the corresponding grades.  The service calculates GPA and cumulative credits.  From this data, reports such as report cards and transcripts can be generated.   For more information go to: https://www.globalstudentnetwork.com/homeschool-students-online-homeschool/homeschool-records-made-simple.html .

Drop/Add Courses

Can I add and drop courses?

Yes.  You can add or drop courses at any time for no additional cost within your license term.

How do I add a class?

Just login to your admin.  Goto the video on this page titled “Guide to My Account/Adding Courses:” https://www.globalstudentnetwork.com/homeschool-students-online-homeschool/faqs/how-to-videos.html

How can I remove a course?

You can remove a course by following the same steps as adding a course, except you will choose “Withdraw” if your student is not going to complete the course or “Completed” if the course has been completed. https://www.globalstudentnetwork.com/homeschool-students-online-homeschool/faqs/how-to-videos.html


How do I enroll?

Enrolling is easy.  You simply need to click on the “Enroll Now” button on any page and follow the steps.  For further assistance, watch our how-to video: https://www.globalstudentnetwork.com/homeschool-students-online-homeschool/faqs/how-to-videos.html

Homeschooling Schedules

How much time each day will my student need to spend on their schooling?

The amount of time each day will vary based on a student’s ability level and the course.  Some students work faster than other students and some students can complete one course quicker than another.  There are several variables, so GSN cannot predict how long it will take your student to complete their work each day, but a typical homeschool student spends two to three hours a day on their schoolwork.

Military Personnel and Veterans

If I am currently in the military or if I am a veteran, can I get a military discount?

Yes, at GSN we honor all military personnel, past and present.

Which documents do I need to provide to prove I was in the military?

We need a copy of your military ID or your DD 214.

Record Keeping

Which homeschooling records should I keep?

Record keeping rules vary from state to state and even within some districts within each state.  Check with your local school district to verify homeschooling records requirements.

State Requirements

Are GSN courses on the California a-g list?

The California a-g list courses vary by publishers and change regularly as courses are updated and new standards are released. To check if a course is listed go to: https://hs-articulation.ucop.edu/agcourselist#/list/search/course You can also search by publisher here.

Student Grading

How do I grade my student’s work?

Grading varies depending on the type of assignment and the curriculum used.  Click here for GSN manuals that provide step-by-step instructions about how to grade and use the system: https://www.globalstudentnetwork.com/homeschool-students-online-homeschool/faqs/student-teacher-manuals.html


Are there textbooks or additional materials required?

Some of the Apex Learning courses do require the purchase of an additional lab manual or book.  A link to the information for these books can be found on this page:  https://www.globalstudentnetwork.com/homeschool-students-online-homeschool/courses/apex-curriculum.html  Many of the science courses in the various curricula require some household items or items easily obtained to conduct simple science experiments.

Tuition, Discounts and Refunds

How much is the tuition?

The tuition varies depending on the program and the term (length of the license) you choose.  You can find GSN tuition information here: https://www.globalstudentnetwork.com/homeschool-students-online-homeschool/tuition-and-fees.html

Can I get a refund?

GSN does not issue refunds. GSN provides a FREE Demo that enables parents and students to ensure that the curriculum will meet their needs. The demo includes lessons from a variety of courses at many different grade levels. When a student is enrolled, the license is customized to their unique learning needs.  The license cannot be resold or reused. You can continue to use the license for the remainder of the purchased term.

Does GSN offer a multi-student discount?

Yes, we offer a multi-student discount.  The first student will be full price and each additional student will receive a multi-student discounted price.