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What’s different about GSN? Why can’t I just go directly to the curriculum source?

GSN recognizes that you, as a parent, are capable of doing a great job teaching your own children and so we work hard to support you in your search for academic success.

Finding high quality homeschooling curriculum is extremely challenging.  GSN has taken the guesswork out of the process by carefully selecting a suite of state-of-the-art homeschool programs that we believe to be the best K-12 online curriculum available anywhere.  Based on our relationships with each curriculum source, we are able to offer these programs to homeschoolers through GSN.

Isn’t online curriculum more expensive through GSN?

No.  Since 2004, Global Student Network has been a national leader in providing online curriculum directly to homeschoolers.  We’ve selected the best online curriculum available anywhere.  Our volume purchasing power allows us to pass on significant savings to homeschool families.  Most curriculum providers increase their prices over time.  GSN continues to work to find ways to save you money.

What kind of support can I expect from GSN.

We have found that every homeschool family requires a uniquely individual kind of support.  We’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons from homeschoolers over the years and we’re excited to pass on what we’ve learned!

Here are some of the ways we support our homeschoolers:

CURRICULUM SELECTION – We are curriculum experts and are always available to answer all of your curriculum questions.

DOCUMENTATION – We understand that documentation and record keeping tasks can be challenging.  See our “Record Keeping” section for more information about how we can help you get organized.

COURSE PROGRESSION AND SELECTION – All homeschool students must recognize and be guided by the graduation requirements of the state where they live.  We’re here to help parents and students navigate local requirements and select the appropriate courses that lead to high school graduation.

INDIVIDUALIZED SUPPORT – GSN works hard to maintain real-time, ongoing communication with all of our parents and students. For new enrollment questions, call our toll free number, contact us by email, or use our Live Chat tool.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.  The only question we can’t answer is the one you don’t ask.

How does the Global Courseware work for homeschoolers?

Global Student Network enrolls each student in the “student portal” and enrolls parents in the “teacher portal.”  GSN recognizes the homeschool parent as the teacher, administrative staff and mentor for their own homeschool.

What does it cost to get started?

GSN’s homeschool annual license fee is $450 dollars for the A+ Courseware program.  The cost of other GSN program options may be slightly higher.  Our annual license fee includes a full year of unlimited courses.

What Courses are included in A+ Courseware?

A+ Courseware includes all required K-12 academic courses.  Elementary and middle school courses include:

  • Language Arts,
  • Mathematics,
  • Science, and
  • Social studies.


High school courses include:

  • Language arts,
  • Mathematics,
  • Science,
  • Social studies,
  • Foreign languages, and
  • A full selection of electives.

Can I add Courses after I have enrolled?

Yes.  If you have purchased GSN’s unlimited license, you will be able to use our Add-a-Course form to sign up for additional courses at any time during the year.

Do GSN’s high school programs include College Preparatory courses?

Yes.  Generally speaking, “college prep” refers to the core requirements of a high school education, which are the subjects on which the high school exit exam is based.  More specifically, “college prep” courses are the classes you will take if you are not registered in honors, AP or remedial programs.