Study Island

What is Study Island?

Study IslandEdmentum™ Study Island is an interactive learning platform where students in grades k-12 can strengthen their knowledge and skills in language arts, math, science, and social studies.

How Study Island Works

First, the student takes a diagnostic test to determine prior knowledge and isolate any learning gaps.

Then, the student focuses on a topic through an engaging, user-friendly lesson, including videos.

Next, the student practices what they have just learned by choosing from practice mode, game mode, or a printable worksheet.

Finally, mastery is shown on the student’s progress map.

What Makes Study Island Effective?

  • Student-paced Learning Students work through Study Island lessons and activities at their own pace, ideal for students who require extra time as well as for students looking to excel.
  • Interactive Learning Multi-media presentations and regular interaction with the learning platform keep students engaged.
  • Immediate Feedback Real-time assessment means students can quickly see what they got right and learn from any mistakes. As a result, students are motivated.
  • Mastery-based Learning The ultimate goal of Study Island is mastery of content and skills. Students do not move forward after simply “covering” a topic; they move forward after showing mastery of the topic.
  • Individualized Instruction Initial diagnostic testing generates a lesson list tailored to the student’s specific learning needs. Essentially the program becomes a one-on-one personalized learning experience.
  • Progress Monitoring Both teacher and student can see at a glance what topics have been mastered and where extra practice is needed, enabling the student to take ownership of their learning and ensuring teachers of learning progress.
  • Study Island is an excellent option for –
  • Learning Gaps Study Island can help students catch up if they are behind or address concepts and skills they may have missed previously.
  • Gifted Students Working at a pace matched to their ability is a great benefit to students needing a challenge.
  • Curriculum Supplement Providing extra instruction and practice is an ideal complement to regular instruction.
  • Learning Reinforcement Practice! Practice! Practice! We call it learning reinforcement but with a variety of activities and games, students call it FUN!

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