Acellus Courseware

New! Video-based Online Learning for Homeschool

Global Student Network (GSN) has recently expanded its selection of state-of-the-art online curriculum options available to homeschoolers.  Since 2004, Global Student Network has provided online education excellence to homeschool students in grades K-12.  GSN has recently added the full range of Acellus courses and now offers easy access to eight (8) superior online homeschool learning programs.EnrollNowButton

Acellus program content includes a full range of standards-based course content including social studies, science, language arts and reading plus College Board Approved Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Acellus offers self-contained, interactive course content designed to assist students in filling knowledge and understanding gaps via courses taught with recorded video lessons from “some of America’s greatest teachers.”

The Acellus Homeschool program includes over 250 K-12 courses from which students and parents can select up to six classes for homeschool study purposes.  Students are able to learn online at any hour or day and study at their own pace based on whatever schedule works best for them.  The system automatically provides extra assistance for students who are having a hard time or falling behind and moves them forward when they excel or have fully mastered required concepts.  Extra assistance may include additional instruction or practice opportunities.

Acellus courseware features include:

  • Video-based Lessons;
  • Lesson Plans;
  • Interactive Practice Problems;
  • Memorization Drills;
  • Reviews and Exams; and
  • Help Videos.

Parents are allowed instant access to learning progress reports along with automated grading and record-keeping assistance through the Acellus Parent Interface tool.  The Acellus system provides parents the ability to review their child’s work, lesson-by-lesson, and make real-time decisions about how to assist their student in the best possible way.  Other helpful Parent Interface tools include:

  • Report Scoring – Parents can look up a detailed report for each lesson their child has begun to work on or has completed. Each report is time-stamped and the parent can closely review every problem the child has studied. In addition, parents and students can access detailed pro
    gress reports that show a grade for each course and a score for each lesson completed.
  • Live Monitor – Parents can watch student progress and view their child’s work in real-time. Acellus tags student work with color-coded flags so parents know when their child is having problems with a particular study area.
  • Special Lessons Section – Each Acellus course includes detailed lesson plans created to help students experience higher-order thinking approaches while addressing important learning areas such as writing and research skills.
  • Easy and Convenient Access – Parents can stay on top of their child’s learning progress by signing in using the Acellus App from any computer at any location where Internet service is available.
  • Attendance Reporting – The Acellus Learning System automatically logs “attendance.” Parents have the ability to print reports that show the exact day and time their child has spent working on each course.  Each state establishes required school attendance hours per year.  In a homeschooling situation, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their student puts in enough hours to satisfy local attendance requirements.

Acellus enrollment is year-round and students start their studies at the beginning of each course, no matter what time of the year they enroll. No restrictions exist in terms of what time of the year studies must occur, so students can either complete their studies during the conventional school schedule or use the summer months to complete classes.

Finally, as a homeschool parent, you are required to supervise your child’s education and are considered to be running a “school at home.”  Part of this supervision responsibility is to know whether or not your state requires registration of homeschool students.  Check your local laws and make sure you are complying with all requirements.  A great summary of state-by-state homeschooling laws can be found at: .

To connect your student with video-based online learning, enroll today!