Eight Homeschooling Programs: Thousands of K-12 Courses to Choose From

Since 2004, Global Student Network (GSN) has provided the best in online education.  GSN customers can choose from eight online learning programs designed so families and schools can pick-and-choose curriculum appropriate to their own students’ needs.

GSN’s homeschool programs contain thousands of courses suitable for grades K-12, including

Online Learning Programs Motivate Students

  • If material is too difficult or too easy, students quickly lose motivation and the learning progress suffers. Our online curriculum at GSN is customized to each student. Whether a student requires extra support or is ready to excel, our online programs provide what the individual student needs.
  • Our online learning platforms include multi-media presentations and interactive formats to keep students engaged and learning.
  • Immediate feedback makes the process efficient and student progress is easily tracked. Students quickly develop a sense of ownership of their learning.

GSN is also home to International Virtual Learning Academy, a fully accredited K-12 school staffed by certified and highly qualified teachers.

Who Uses GSN’s Online Learning Programs?

Homeschool Families
There are many reasons families choose the online programs offered at Global Student Network. Homeschooling families looking for a flexible learning schedule or “portable” learning because travel, work, or other unique family situations, such as military service. Other families choose GSN online programs because the parents or children are professional athletes or actors. Still other families choose GSN because they appreciate many options from one location while seeking alternatives to traditional education due to academic, religious, or safety concerns. While our families come from all over the world for many reasons and from many backgrounds, they all have this in common – they are looking for affordable, excellent online programs with attentive customer support.

Public, Private, Charter Schools

There are five reasons public, private and charter schools are choosing Global Student network for their online curriculum needs. GSN curriculum options meet national, state, and/or local Common Core State Standards (CCSS). With no student minimums, GSN accommodates schools of any size. Online learning is ideal for schools looking to build a blended learning program. Most online curriculum providers limit their course offerings to one or two major programs.  GSN offers eight online curriculum packages and more than 1,000 courses. Schools see the value of student success promoted GSN’s self-paced, mastery-based learning. Finally, schools – ever looking to stretch budget dollars – find GSN online curriculum a cost-effective solution.

Getting Started with GSN

  1. Look at the comparison chart to the right or click on curriculum options also to the right to find options to fit your students’ grade level, learning style, or particular learning need.
  2. Work through a demo of each program.
  3. Check out tuition or school partnerships
  4. When you have selected the best fit, click ENROLL NOW! button located throughout the site (for homeschool families) or Enroll Your School located in the school partnerships tab.

Of course our helpful staff members are ready to assist you at any time by phone or chat.

Start your student’s successful learning experience today with online homeschooling programs at Global Student Network!