Benefits for Students and Parents

Homeschooling – Then and Now

Homeschooling is a widely accepted education practice across the US.  Online learning brings a new convenience to homeschool families and has improved dramatically over the past decade.  Students have access to excellent, comprehensive curriculum without the inconvenience of several textbooks.  Online learning allows students to take their schoolwork with them wherever they have Internet access.  

Benefits of Homeschooling with Global Student Network

  • Convenient – Students and parents can access the curriculum at any time 24/7 with internet access
  • Self-paced – Students can work on their courses anytime on their schedule within their purchased time-frame.
  • Online EducationRecord keeping – All student grades and activities are tracked in our system. Parents can access attendance records and gradebook at any time and print reports.
  • Flexibility – Parents choose what grade level and courses a student takes as well as what work they complete within the guidelines of their state’s homeschooling laws.
  • Accredited – GSN is an accredited corporation with AdvancEd
  • Automated grading – 90% of the work is graded by the computer saving you time and giving students immediate feedback.
  • Many choices – GSN has 9 complete curricula to choose from accommodating a variety of learning styles and over 2500 courses.
  • Transcripts – Parents can create homeschool transcripts using our easy to follow transcript system.
  • Honors and AP courses – GSN offers several Honors and AP courses.
  • Electives and CTE courses – GSN offers a variety of electives and CTE courses to supplement any curriculum
  • Gifted and Talented – Students can accelerate and advance at their own pace.
  • Time-Saving – Lessons assigned in order saving you time and taking the guess work out of lesson planning.
  • Real-time progress tracking – Each program tracks student activity and progress.
  • Complete – Each curriculum includes courses that meet national graduation requirements
  • Engaging – Graphics and multi-media enhanced lessons

Homeschool Statistics

Recent statistics demonstrate many benefits for students and parents. According to the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) “on average, students in online learning conditions performed modestly better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.” In a report addressing over 1000 studies performed by the DOE, data demonstrated that online learners tend to spend more time on educational tasks than students in face-to-face situations, which often results in more consistent educational success.