Affordable Solutions for Summer School

Research shows that students who attend summer learning programs often demonstrate learning gains over students who do not attend summer school.  Unfortunately, summer public school programs can be labor and cost intensive and many school districts have been forced to … Read the rest

How to Determine if Your Child is Gifted

Thousands of parents have watched their young toddler or elementary school child behave in ways that “seem so intelligent” and, based on these casual observations, have concluded that their child is most certainly “gifted.”  Unfortunately, many of these parents do … Read the rest

Global Student Network Offers Personalized Learning Tools

Global Student Network (GSN), a provider of state-of-the-art online educational tools since 2004, provides a wide variety of personalized learning tools that can be utilized as an alternative to “one-size-fits-all” instructional approaches often used in public schools.  GSN’s selection of … Read the rest

Study Island – Newly Expanded and FREE*!

Global Student Network is pleased to offer Edmentum™ Study Island. Designed to help students in grades K-12 master content and improve skills in language arts and math, Study Island now includes science and social studies. This high-impact learning platform provides … Read the rest

The Key to Successfully Homeschooling Multiple Ages

Typically, the Number 3 question asked of me right after “How do you socialize your kids?” and “What curriculum do you use?” is “How are you homeschooling more than one child?”

It’s a good question, especially in our day and … Read the rest

Homeschool Mom Command Center

Confession: I am a school supply junkie. I always have been. I think my addiction began in my early elementary years when I collected the perfectly spiraled pencil shavings in my desk. Now, it has turned into a member card … Read the rest