Foreign Languages for Homeschool Students

If you were to ask the average American high school student if he or she needs to learn a foreign language they would probably respond with “No, everybody speaks English these days.” Really?

Why Homeschool Students Should Study Foreign Languages

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Pros and Cons of Homeschool Conventions

Whether you are new to homeschooling or you’ve been doing it for years, you have probably considered attending a homeschool convention. Should you go or not go? Will it be worth it for you to invest the time and energy … Read the rest

Crafting a Homeschool Schedule

As the summer is picking up speed and fall is getting closer, I am slowly getting my homeschooling wheels turning for the fall. It’s time to think of what changes I need to make to our weekly schedule.

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Kicking Off the Homeschool Year

Our homeschool year will begin in just a few more weeks. Since Upstate New York only gets a few months of warm weather every year and about nine months of cold, I try to put off our start date until … Read the rest

GSN Now Offers Apex Learning for Middle School

Apex Learning, a proven high school curriculum for honors and AP (Advanced Placement) courses, is bringing its robust online learning to middle school. The vision for Apex middle school courseware is to fully prepare the student to be successful in Read the rest

Homeschooling: Greenhouse for Inventors

Many homeschoolers I know tend to be natural builders, creators, pioneers or inventors. Simply based on the fact that someone is homeschooling alone causes them to take on the pioneer spirit for one reason or another. We figure out this … Read the rest