Homeschool Hacks

Regardless of what your career or occupation is, you are sure to have to developed a few tricks of the trade to make your job easier. These days the term “lifehack” is used loosely to describe those uniquely personal ideas … Read the rest

Why I Homeschool

We were recently at a birthday party and my son happily shared with the guests sitting across the table that he was in kindergarten. Later in the conversation it came up we were homeschooling. The eyebrows were raised and the … Read the rest



Since 1999, the use of digital and online instructional approaches known generically as ‘blended learning” and “hybrid learning” have become increasingly popular as a way to convert the brick-and-mortar classroom to a model that combines online … Read the rest

Historic Homeschoolers

You know that feeling you get when you meet a new family in the community while you’re out and about during school hours? It’s usually fairly easy to spot a new homeschooling family and, for us, it’s pretty exciting to … Read the rest


Ten years ago, three education researchers noted that “online learning is sweeping across America.” They estimated that, in 2009, more than 3 million K to 12 students would take an online course, resulting in a nearly 70-fold increase over the … Read the rest

Quick Organizational Tips for Kids

As homeschoolers, we do a lot of living in our homes. Moms can’t do everything so how can we teach our kids a few basic organizational skills? Here are a few quick ways to get your kids on the path … Read the rest

Saying Yes

As with all areas of life, there are many options to fill our homeschool day. We have endless amount of curriculum and textbook options to pick from. The methodologies available from which to select are numerous. We have loads of … Read the rest