Grade 12 - Science

Earth and Space Science (Credit: 1.00)

GC Earth and Space Science is a comprehensive, completely integrated course for grade levels 912. This course provides the basic foundations of scientific measurement skills, a comprehensive look at the way the Earth and all its layers are formed, and a complete overview of the solar system and its major components. Each lesson is designed to be the foundation for the next lesson in the course so that students are provided the best reinforcement of key terminology throughout their studies. Interactive media has been included to help engage the student in the visual learning process. Physical Science offers several distinctive components: an in-depth examination of the biological functions of vision and sound in relation to physical laws, the impact of scientific discoveries on technology and society, and an overview of natural hazards, including the impact of humans on the environment. The Physical Science course covers the fundamentals of chemistry, matter, energy, and various scientific fields. The lessons are designed to move the student beyond the level of basic knowledge into critical thinking and learning activities.