Grade 15 - Business Management & Administration

Principles of Business and Finance (Credit: 0.50)

This course will introduce students to the fundamental structure of the American economy, the complexities of the global economy, and the principles, practices, and strategies associated with starting, managing, or simply working for a business. Through a combination of lessons and projects, students will trace a trajectory of their potential role in the American economy as consumers, laborers, and executives. With lessons on everything from marketing to writing formal business correspondence, from the basic structures and legal definitions of business to the operations and importance of financial institutions, students will emerge from this course with a thorough introductory understanding of the business world. Students will perform research, conduct interviews, and write papers on various topics designed to enrich their understanding of the American business environment. They will also navigate an interactive and creative project that spans the length of the course and asks students to engage their learning, imaginations and individual career motivation with the course material.