Grade 15 - Business Management & Administration

Career Management (Credit: 0.50)

Career management is a semester-length high school elective course that assists students in their preparation for career selection. The course is designed to improve workforce skills needed in all careers including: communication leadership teamwork decision making problem solving goal setting time management Students will complete activities that help identify personal interests, aptitudes, and learning styles. Students will use results of self-assessments to determining careers that may prove personally satisfying. prepare a plan to help them secure employment in this field. Students will learn practical job-seeking skills including application and interviewing skills. During the course, students will explore how personal/social development, educational achievement, lifelong learning, and career management can lead to career satisfaction and success.
Course Objectives:
  • Develop greater understanding a diverse and evolving career landscape.
  • Explore personal strengths, challenges, skills, self-concept, and goals.
  • Understand how personal traits, academic achievement, and strategic planning affect career success.
  • Create and manage a career plan that supports career goals.
  • Use accurate, current, and unbiased career information during career planning and management.
  • Master academic, occupational, and general employability skills in order to obtain, create, maintain, and/or advance your employment.