Grade 6 - Mathematics

Mathematics 6 (Credit: 1.00)

From whole numbers to fractions, Ignitia 6th Grade Math reviews arithmetic basics, then builds on that knowledge to prepare students for pre-algebra. Available online 24/7, this technology-rich course ensures comprehension with computer-based practice exercises, assessment tools that provide instant feedback, and data reporting tools to enable teachers to spot trouble quickly and easily. Study topics include number theory, factors, exponents, graphs, and probability.

When it comes to teaching math to 6th graders, Ignitia from Alpha Omega Publications has you covered. From math facts to complex concepts, this dynamic, media-filled course reviews the math topics of whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and geometry. In-depth lessons include statistics and metrics. Interactive exercises and games allow students time to practice and develop mastery. Appealing graphics, animation, and video clips help explain complicated numerical operations, factoring, graphing, and converting fractions.

Ignitia 6th Grade Math offers a fun, easy-to-follow online learning environment created for today's tech-savvy students. Students can access lessons from an Internet-connected computer any time and can use handy tools like text-to-speech and learning games. Lessons can also be printed. Christian school teachers enjoy automatic grading, lesson planning, and report generating with the click of a mouse. Rigorous and robust, this internet-driven course not only builds strong foundations in math, but builds computer skills and digital proficiency. Give your Christian school students Ignitia 6th Grade Math today!