Grade 4 - Bible

Bible 4 (Credit: 1.00)

Teach your students how to find inspiration through the teachings of Jesus in this online Bible course. With discipleship as its focus, the course explores God's Word through text-based lessons, multimedia elements, and Bible verses (KJV). Colorful and interactive, the course covers Scripture from the Old and New Testaments, encourages reading the Bible, and living a life based on God's Word. Online tools give teachers more options for individualizing the learning experience for each student.

Ignitia's online Bible curriculum for 4th graders was designed to be user friendly by accommodating students still learning computer skills. Throughout the course, they will study important biblical figures who accepted God's will for their lives and became disciples, living by the laws of the Creator. Practical lessons help them understand the connection between biblical content and living a Christ-centered life such as the importance of obeying parents, telling the truth, showing kindness to others, and walking in the spirit. Technology-based, the course also helps students prepare for the future by supporting digital literacy.

Throughout the course, students will explore the following topics:
  • How Can I Live for God
  • God's Knowledge
  • Saul Begins to Live for God
  • The Bible and Me
  • God Cares for Us
  • How Can I Know God Exists
  • Old Testament Geography
  • Witnessing for Jesus
  • Who Am I?
  • God's Way Is Perfect