Grade 7 - English

Language Arts 700 (Credit: 1.00)

Students will engage in a thematic study of literature that explores accounts of earth, space, and survival, delving into texts that span the genres of narrative fiction, poetry, literary nonfiction, and informational texts. Students will demonstrate their understanding of various works by analyzing how common themes like exploration, innovation, and courage are able to transcend diverse time periods and genres. They will also develop their writing skills as they focus on the six traits of writing while producing argumentative, narrative, and expository compositions. With a strong emphasis on close reading instruction, research activities, and speaking and listening tasks, this course will help students expand their understanding of literature while building twenty-first century skills. To become critical consumers of text, students will be exposed to increasingly more complex texts to which they apply those skills, including high-quality contemporary works, the classics of American literature, and the timeless dramas of Shakespeare.