Grade 12 - Social Studies

Florida World History - Semester 1 (Credit: 0.50)

This course is designed to strengthen your understanding of major events in world history from the early Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution. In the first unit, you’ll learn to use and analyze primary and secondary sources as well as explore other processes that historians use when researching and writing. You’ll also study the importance of the Byzantine Empire and the development of western Europe, Japan, and Korea during the early Middle Ages. Finally, you will learn about the rise Islam in Europe and the Middle East. In the second unit, you’ll examine major civilizations in Mesoamerica, South America, and Africa. You will explore the spread of Islam into India and Southeast Asia. You’ll also describe Europe in the late Middle Ages. In the third unit, you’ll identify the effects of trans-oceanic exploration and European expansion, including the development of slave trade between Africa and the Americas. You’ll also study the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Counter-Reformation. Finally, in the last unit, you will assess the impact of important revolutions from the late 1500s through to the early 1800s.