Grade 12 - Foreign Language

Florida Spanish III A - Semester 1 (Credit: 0.50)

In Florida Spanish 3A, you'll be reintroduced to Spanish in common situations, beginning with various daily routines, describing friends and family, childhood memories and activities, and childhood hopes and aspirations. You’ll discuss and describe art, such as paintings and sculptures, and literature, such as novels and novellas, and give reactions and form opinions about art and literature. You’ll also understand the process of selecting and applying to a university, aspirations at the university, and dealing with leaving home and moving into a dormitory. Further, you will describe university life and expectations from the university experience. You’ll explore the dynamics and challenges of multiethnic and developing societies, environmental and social issues, causes and possible resolutions, and learning about unfamiliar countries using technology. Finally, you’ll discuss current events reported in the media, different types of classified and other types of advertisement in the media (both print and online), the sections and supplements of a newspaper or magazine, and various jobs available in the media.