Grade 9 - Foreign Language

Florida German I B - Semester 2 (Credit: 0.50)

In Florida German 1B, you'll be introduced to several common situations in which people describe how to earn, save, and manage money, modes of urban transportation, various seasons and the associated weather conditions, foods, clothes, and activities. You’ll also describe various art forms, plays, concerts, and movies. You’ll discuss about health and well-being, and travel and tourism. You'll build on what you learned in the Florida German 1A course to communicate by listening, speaking, reading, and writing in German as you internalize new vocabulary and grammar. You'll also learn about some regions of the German-speaking world where the central characters of each unit are visiting. You will build on this semester's work as you advance in your German studies: everything that you learn about a language and the cultures in which it is spoken will serve as a foundation for further learning.