Grade 12 - Foreign Language

Florida French II B - Semester 2 (Credit: 0.50)

In Florida French 2B, you'll be reintroduced to French in common situations, beginning with various professions and career plans for the future. You’ll discuss traveling to different regions and the flora and fauna found in each region and describe different types of trips, including road trips, camping, and ecotourism. You’ll also describe different hobbies, activities, and crafts that people enjoy. Finally, you’ll discuss about different medical specialists, including dentists and veterinarians, and describe symptoms related to illness and injury. You'll build on what you learned in the Florida French 2A course to communicate by listening, speaking, reading, and writing in French as you internalize new vocabulary and grammar. You'll also learn about some regions of the French-speaking world where the central characters of each unit are visiting. You will build on this semester's work as you advance in your French studies: everything that you learn about a language and the cultures in which it is spoken will serve as a foundation for further learning.