Grade 10 - Language Arts

Florida English II A - Semester 1 (Credit: 0.50)

English is the study, analysis, and creation of literature written in the English language. In Florida English 2A, you will explore the different literary devices used in fiction, such as subject, theme, mood, plot, and narration. You will read and analyze a variety of literary works to learn more about a particular literary device. In the second unit, you will evaluate elements of a variety of informational texts. In the third unit, you will explore current events and issues, effects of peer pressure, and healthcare services. In the fourth unit, you will read and study drama from a range of eras. In addition, you will complete writing activities in which you will employ analytical and persuasive skills. In Florida English 2A, you will also study a variety of techniques to improve your reading comprehension, writing skills, grammar, and mechanics.