Grade 15 - Health Science

Texas Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness (Credit: 0.50)

This one-semester course is intended to help you understand the skills required to achieve success in modern-day careers related to health care. This course has 15 lessons organized into three units, plus three Unit Activities. Each lesson contains one or more Lesson Activities. This course will cover various topics in health science, such as infection control, medical and surgical equipment, disease prevention, and rehabilitative care. You will submit the Unit Activity documents to your teacher, and you will grade your work in the Lesson Activities by comparing them with given sample responses. The Unit Activities (submitted to the teacher) and the Lesson Activities (self-checked) are the major components of this course. There are other assessment components, namely the mastery test questions that feature along with the lesson; the pre- and post-test questions that come at the beginning and end of the unit, respectively; and an end-of-semester test. All of these tests are a combination of simple multiple-choice questions and technology enhanced (TE) questions.