Grade 15 - Marketing

Florida Marketing Essentials A (Credit: 0.50)

This one-semester course is intended to help you gain familiarity with the fundamentals of the business and marketing worlds. This course has 14 lessons organized into 4 units. Each unit has a Unit Activity, and each lesson contains one or more Lesson Activities. Unit Activity 4 is a long-term project that you willwork on throughout the duration of the course. As part of this course, every student has to join a student organization, such as FBLA and BPA, and be an active participant in all events and projects of the organization. As a member of a student organization, you should: Participate in all the activities of the student organization you choose to join. Keep a record of your participation in meetings, programs, and projects. Take notes about the history, purposes, and goals of the student organization. Identify the benefits and responsibilities of membership in the student organization as a student and in professional or civic organizations as an adult. Use a computer to record the information above and process it to create a slide presentation. At the end of this semester (as part of Unit Activity 4), you will create and submit the slide presentation describing the points above. This course explains the importance of essential career skills, such aspositive work ethics, integrity, and self-representation. It also discussesfunctions of marketing and advertising functions. The course also explains the importance of segmentation, positioning, and marketing research in advertising. In addition, the course emphasizes the significance of advertising and marketing campaigns; leadership and conflict management; time, task, and resource management; and teamwork in a workplace.