Grade 9 - Florida Mathematics

Florida Algebra I B - Semester 2 (Credit: 0.50)

Algebra is a branch of mathematics that uses symbols in place of numbers to describe and generalize relationships. In Algebra IA you worked with expressions containing monomials and binomials. In Algebra IB you’ll extend these ideas to factor and perform operations on polynomial expressions containing more than two terms. Many of the equations that you solved in Algebra IA were linear, or proportional. In Algebra IB you’ll solve quadratic equations. In quadratic equations, the highest power on a variable is 2. You’ll study the parabola, a conic section defined by a quadratic equation. You’ll build your graphing skills by analyzing and plotting different types of functions: absolute value functions, piecewise functions, exponential functions, and logarithmic functions. Finally, you’ll study statistics as you interpret the shapes of data distributions and delve into correlation and causation.