Grade 13 - Electives

Texas Personal Financial Literacy (Credit: 0.50)

Texas Personal Financial Literacy offers targeted instruction, practice, and review designed to help students develop fluency, deepen conceptual understanding, and apply financial literacy skills. In this course, students engage with important skills and concepts such as college and career planning, applying for financial aid, understanding the typical costs of living, creating and maintain a budget, selecting and using checking and savings accounts, and using credit cards for purchases responsibly. They also learn about different types of credit, credit scores, as well as loans and loan payments including the real-world examples of mortgages and home ownership, car ownership, car payments, and car insurance. Finally, students gain knowledge about multiple types of investments such as CDs, bonds, and stocks. These topics are supported by writing and discussion activities. Journal activities provide opportunities for students to both apply concepts on a personal scale and analyze scenarios. Discussions help students network with one another by sharing personal strategies and goals and recognizing the diversity of life and career plans within a group. To assist students for whom language presents a barrier to learning or who are not reading at grade level, Texas Personal Financial Literacy includes audio resources in English. This course was designed to meet the Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge standards for Personal Financial Literacy.