Grade 7 - CTE

Principles of Coding (Credit: 0.50)

Principles of Coding is designed to introduce middle school students to the power of coding. Computer literacy has become just as important as reading and math literacy in the 21st Century. No matter what career students select, learning even the basics of coding and computers will benefit them. Additionally, every year there is a standing demand for 120,000 people who are trained in computer science. Jobs in this industry are growing at more than two times the national average of any other field i. Throughout this course, students are not only introduced to the basics of coding, but delve deeply into the thought processes behind designing technology. Right from the start, students learn the Engineering Design Process and follow this process to create games, simulations, and even a mobile application. Students learn the connection between the core subjects of English Language Arts and Math to Computer Science. Students also examine the impact of technology from a global perspective. The content was written to be highly-engaging for the middle-school audience. Multimedia and interactive elements are built into every lesson to ensure a high-level of student engagement throughout.