Grade 6 - Florida Social Studies

Florida: M/J World Cultures (Credit: 1.00)

Culture is all the knowledge and values that a society shares. This includes, but is not limited to, religion, art, and architecture. M/J World Cultures focuses on the Cultures of the World from the beginnings of mankind (with an emphasis on the Early River Valley Civilizations, Egypt, Greece, and the Roman Empires). It also covers The Middle Ages and the global developments of that time, continuing into the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution in Western Europe, and Eastern Europe’s history up until the beginning of Communism. Because it was geography that contributed to and shaped a society’s history and culture, some of the lessons (mapping in particular) are an overlap of M/J World Geography, but this course emphasizes a linear learning with an ongoing project of a timeline that encompasses the various cultures of the world and how they developed in relation to – or isolated from – the others. The topic of migration and trade and their role in establishing (and sharing) cultures is explored by mapping and report-writing, as is the influence of the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution.