Grade 16 - Georgia CTE

Introduction to Law Public Safety Corrections and Security (Credit: 0.50)

Law enforcement, public safety, corrections and safety professionals work daily to keep our cities and communities safe. There are few careers paths in the United States that can be as rewarding, challenging, and important as a career in legal, public safety, corrections or security fields. The sacrifices and challenges faced by these selfless individuals is virtually unparalleled by any other profession outside of the armed forces. Whether it be keeping innocent people from harm, bringing justice to victims, fighting fires, saving people from danger, or ensuring evil-doers are locked away. These career fields offer great opportunities to those who choose to work in them. Life in the twenty-first century would not be possible without police officers, paramedics, firefighters, attorneys, corrections officers or security guards. In this course, you learned about the many careers that exist within the fields of law, law enforcement, public safety, corrections, and security. Besides learning about the training and educational requirements for these careers, you learned about the history of these fields and how they developed to their current state. You also learned how these careers are affected by and affect local, state, and federal laws. Finally, you learned about the relationships between professionals in these fields and how collaborations between professionals in these careers help to create a safer, more stable society.