Grade 16 - New York English

English Language Arts 7 (Credit: 1.00)

In English Language Arts 7, students will be given opportunities to build a foundation in fiction, drama, poetry, mythology, and nonfiction. To build this foundation, students will hone their abilities to critically read, discuss, and write about the various texts and genres in this course. Their reading of fictional texts will allow them to explore questions pertaining to character, plot, setting, and conflict. For nonfiction texts, students will locate main ideas and rhetorical strategies that will allow them to understand the author’s purpose and audience. For writing, students will have opportunities to not only reflect upon the studied texts, but also model their writing after the pieces they analyze, allowing them to practice their growing skill base. To become critical consumers of text, students will be exposed to increasingly more complex texts to which they apply those skills. In English language arts, that critical content is both rigorous and relevant and includes high-quality contemporary works as well as the classics of literature. In English language arts, that content includes high-quality contemporary works, the classics of American literature, and the timeless dramas of Shakespeare. Students will be enriched as they expand their skills and confidence in English language arts through a comprehensive study. Below is a list of resources that are not included in this course and must be acquired separately. The Diary of Anne Frank (the play), Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett; ISBN 978-0822203070 Dramatists Play Service, Inc. The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, Avi; ISBN 978-0-545-47711-6 Scholastic