Grade 15 - Marketing

Introduction to Careers in Marketing (Credit: 0.50)

The Introduction to Marketing course will provide students with an overview of marketing, which is an essential element for any company that produces products that are bought and used by individuals. Students will learn about what marketing is and how the process of marketing works, the role of market research and how companies incorporate ethics into their marketing strategies. They will also learn about the importance of strategic planning for marketers, the five step marketing strategic process, and strategies for growth. Students will learn about the environment in which marketers operate. This includes the microenvironment, which refers to entities and influences close to the company or marketer, and the macroenvironment, which refers to influences that impact all of society, such as culture, social trends, and technology. They will also learn about the Four P’s of the marketing mix: product, price, promotion, and place. Students will evaluate the importance of each of these four elements and learn specifically about how technology has changed the approach to the marketing mix. They will also learn about international markets and how to approach marketing at a global level. After completing this course, students will have a fundamental understanding of the principles of marketing. They will be able to explain the marketing process, marketing strategic planning, the marketing environment, and the trends, opportunities, and challenges in the marketing world today.