Grade 15 - Architecture & Construction

Intro to Careers in Architecture and Construction (Credit: 0.50)

The goal of this course is to provide students with an overview of careers in Architecture and Construction in order to assist with informed career decisions. This dynamic, rapidly evolving career cluster is comprised of three pathways (fields): Design and Pre-Construction (Architecture and Engineering); Construction (Construction and Extraction); and Maintenance and Operations (Installation, Maintenance, and Repair). The Architecture and Construction career cluster is defined as careers in building, designing, managing, maintaining, and planning the built environment. The built environment is not limited to buildings and structures—or to urban environments. A much broader view of the built environment helps students gain a better and more holistic understanding of the impact of the Architecture and Construction industries. The built environment encompasses all zones of human activity—from natural conservation areas with minimal human intervention to highly dense areas with tall skyscrapers and intricate highway systems to suburban cul-de-sacs. The interrelated components that make up the built environment are as varied and unique as the professionals who help shape it.