Grade 15 - Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Corrections: Policies and Procedures (Credit: 0.50)

Corrections is one of the three branches of the Criminal Justice System (CJS) in the United States. All three branches employ personnel who are authorized to uphold and enforce the law, and are required to operate under the rule of law. Each branch works as part of the entire system to maintain the public safety and well-being, and bring criminals to justice. Corrections facilities and programs are run by a complex systems of policies and procedures, which uphold local, state, and federal laws. This course gives students an introductory, yet thorough view of many aspects of corrections operations. Students receive historical and legal background information as they study how prisons and prisoners have evolved into correctional facilities and programs for offenders. In this course the duties responsibilities, conduct, training, and special certification possibilities for corrections staff are explored. Many aspects of procedures in corrections are reviewed, giving students an in-depth look at what a variety of careers in this growing field encompass and require.