Grade 13 - Electives

Physical Fitness (Credit: 0.50)

With so much time in front of the computer, students need to learn the importance of staying fit and how exercise and body movement affect overall health. This course not only provides information about fitness, but it also encourages students to participate in off-computer exercise and physical activity. As a part of a complete learning management system, physical fitness is a self-directed elective infused with technology-based lessons, tools, and exercises to enrich learning for students and streamline instruction and administrative tasks for teachers.

Encourage your students to get up and move with this one-semester elective that emphasizes the importance of physical, mental, and emotional health. Lessons cover exercise, flexibility, cardiovascular health, weight control, goal-setting, and motivation, while requiring students to engage in physical activity and log their time and progress. The course units include text-based lessons, on and off-computer exercises, special projects, learning games, quizzes, and tests that appeal to today's digital generation and help teachers to evaluate progress and mastery of the materials. Physical fitness enriches the educational experience for Christian school students and sparks a passion for learning.

Throughout the course, students will explore the following topics:
  • Fitness Overview
  • Activity Logging and Flexibility Training
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Resistance Training
  • Motivation and Mindset