Grade 13 - Electives

Physical Education (Credit: 0.50)

Get your game on with this fun, one-semester elective for grades 9-12 from Alpha Omega Publications. Ignitia Physical Education focuses on sports performance in soccer, basketball, football, baseball, and volleyball. Students can participate in these sports at a scheduled class time and log activity with the goal of practicing daily healthy fitness habits. Technique, rules, and appropriate preparation are emphasized. This online course offers students the opportunity to apply what they learn online to off-computer activities.

With an emphasis on sports performance, Ignitia Physical Education elective is ideally suited to Christian school students who participate in team and individual sports. Study topics include exploring proper technique, rules, and adequate preparation for a variety of sports. Watch your students become more knowledgeable and proficient while incorporating healthy habits and physical activity into daily living. Students enrolled in the course will be required to log their activities and evaluate their own fitness levels.

Emphasizing athletics, this online elective for high school students promotes lifelong activity through competitive sports and healthy exercising patterns. Unlike standard Alpha Omega Publications courses, Ignitia Physical Education has a greater emphasis on inquiry, research, and writing, and requires more off-computer grading and assessment by teachers. The course contains 28 instructional lessons, 18 projects, a cumulative test, and references external web resources. Give your Christian school students to an opportunity to learn while they play with this exciting and rigorous online course from Alpha Omega Publications.