Grade 13 - Electives

Music Appreciation (Credit: 0.50)

Hear the sound of academic success with online-based Ignitia Music Appreciation! This one-semester elective for grades 9-12 provides instruction in basic musical elements, traces the development of classical music, and gives a lifelong appreciation of music. Complete with listening exercises, students will be able to describe common instruments by sound, define musical measures, compare music time periods, and study the value of music to society throughout time.

Tune in with students! Ignitia Music Appreciation for grades 9-12 takes students from hearing music to active listening. Journeying through the development of classical music throughout history, students examine how music provides enjoyment and reflects the world around them. With this dynamic, media-rich elective, students learn effective techniques for listening and responding to music. Study topics also include identifying common instruments, defining musical terms, comparing music from different historical periods, and recognizing the effects of music throughout the 20th century.

Ignitia Music Appreciation is part of a comprehensive online learning environment created for today's tech-savvy students. With anytime access from an Internet-connected computer, students learn with 21st century tools like animation, video clips, and a handy text-to-speech option. Christian school teachers also enjoy the benefits of automatic data management, automatic grading, and click-of-the-mouse lesson planning. Going beyond core subjects, this music elective is designed to enrich students' appreciation and understanding of the fine arts. Order Ignitia Music Appreciation for your Christian school today!