Grade 13 - Electives

Essentials of Business (Credit: 0.50)

Teach high school students business sense with Ignitia Essentials of Business, a one-semester elective for grades 9-12. Topics of study include functions of a company and effective management practices. Assignments emphasize student inquiry, research, and writing, and external web resources enrich the learning process while encouraging the development of media skills. Hands-on and practical, this Internet-based course helps student apply business concepts to daily life and examine corporate citizenship.

Give students a complete knowledge of the dynamic business world with Ignitia Essentials of Business. With a focus on career readiness, this media-rich, online elective for grades 9-12 encourages students to examine a variety of facets of the business world including accounting, finance, human resource management, marketing, operations, and strategic planning. Throughout this one-semester course, students complete assignments and writing projects with a focus on inquiry, research, and critical thinking.

Available 24/7, Ignitia Essentials of Business is designed to build students' understanding of companies from small to large. Unlike standard Alpha Omega Publications courses, this elective requires more off-computer grading and assessment by teachers. The course contains 28 instructional lessons and 11 projects, through which students learn to compare markets and controlled economies, explore legal issues in the business world, and gain an understanding how technology continuously changes business practices. This practical elective gives students an understanding of the corporate world and its implications in everyday life. Order Ignitia Essentials of Business for your Christian school today!