Grade 13 - Electives

Digital Arts (Credit: 0.50)

Encourage the development of digital skills! Ignitia Digital Arts introduces students to the effective use of digital cameras and the manipulation of digital images with imaging and editing software. Students also explore audio recording and editing, cinematography, and 3D technology. Project-based, this fun, one-semester course places a strong emphasis on student inquiry, research, and writing to develop 21st century tech-based skill sets.

Show students the basics of camera use and image manipulation! Try Ignitia Digital Arts from Alpha Omega Publications. This one-semester course is a practical study of the digital arts and the use of computer tools to effectively manipulate and edit digital and audio files. Students explore the correct use of digital cameras, imaging and editing software, audio recording and editing, 3D technology, and cinematography. Filled with interactive projects and writing assignments, this online course challenges students not only to learn the practical uses of computer tools, but the ethical implications of photo manipulation and new media as it applies to life in the digital age.

Ignitia Digital Arts is designed for high school students in grades 9-12 to enrich the learning process, encourage 21st century skills, and grow creativity. Assignments emphasize student inquiry, research, and writing. Unlike standard Alpha Omega Publications courses, this Internet-driven elective requires more off-computer grading and assessment by teachers. The course contains 31 interactive, media-rich instructional lessons and 17 projects in which students learn to identify image differences and examine the impact of digital arts in mass media. Engaging and interactive, students will love this tech-savvy course that helps develop practical skills relevant to the future. Order Ignitia Digital Arts for your Christian school today!