Grade 15 - Business Management and Administration Cluster

Office Applications 1 - (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher) (Credit: 0.50)

Course length: 1 Semester
This course introduces student to understanding and the use of three Microsoft® computer applications widely used in businesses today: Word®; Publisher®; and PowerPoint® 2010. Students will use these applications to design, develop, create, edit, and share business documents, publications and presentations.
Course objectives:
  • Introduction to advanced skills in Microsoft® Word®, ranging from an understanding of the uses of Microsoft Word to exploring mail merge, tab stops, reference and additional features available in backstage view.
  • Skills in Microsoft® Publisher® to create publications, including how to insert and edit publication items, and view, review, and share publications.
  • Skills in Microsoft® PowerPoint® to create presentations, enter and modify content, modify and deliver presentations, and collaborate and share PowerPoint shows.