Grade 15 - Business Management and Administration

Technology and Business (Credit: 0.50)

Course length: 2 Semesters
This course teaches students technical skills, effective communication skills, and productive work habits needed to make a successful transition into the work place or postsecondary education. Students will gain an understanding of emerging technologies, operating systems, and computer networks. In addition, they create a variety of business documents including complex word-processing documents, spreadsheets with charts and graphs, database files, and electronic presentations.
Course Objectives:
  • Select the appropriate technology to address business needs.
  • Understand operating systems and their business use
  • Identify the purpose and style of various business documents.
  • Create and use complex word-processing documents, spreadsheets, databases, and network applications, presentations, telecommunications, email, and other electronic resources.
  • Improve speed and accuracy of keyboarding.
  • Identify the information management requirements and business needs of an organization.
  • Use project-management tools and processes to manage a business project successfully.