Grade 7 - Science

General Science I (Credit: 1.00)

A proven method for studying science from a Christian perspective, this course gives students an overview of many facets of science, from an introduction to science, to an in-depth look at a number of different disciplines including the earth in space, the planets, astronomy, the weather and climate, the human body, and careers in science. Most lessons are delivered online, while off-computer experiments give students opportunities for hands-on learning and observation. As a part of a complete learning management system, Ignitia 7th Grade Science is a self-directed course infused with technology-based lessons, tools, and exercises to enrich learning for students and streamline instruction and administrative tasks for teachers. Like all Ignitia courses, Bible verses (KJV) and biblical references support the development of a Christian worldview and encourage practical Christian living.

Ignitia general science gives students a broad scientific look at the world through the eyes of biblical doctrine. From the cells and systems of the human body, to the mysteries of space, to the study of the earth and its atmosphere, all lessons encourage critical thinking from a Christian perspective while supporting a lifelong interest in the natural world. The course units include text-based lessons, on and off computer exercises, special projects, learning games, quizzes, and tests that appeal to today's digital generation and help teachers to evaluate progress and mastery of the materials. Ignitia 7th Grade Science enriches the educational experience for Christian school students and sparks a passion for learning.

Throughout the course, students will explore the following topics:
  • What Is Science?
  • Measurements and Graphs
  • Earth in Space I
  • Earth in Space II
  • The Atmosphere
  • Weather
  • Climate
  • Human Anatomy I
  • Human Anatomy II
  • Careers in Science